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Resources for Faithful Citizenship
Faithful Citizenship

Catholics have a religious and moral obligation to be faithful citizens. We carry out this duty in many ways — by running for political office; by working within political parties; by communicating our concerns and positions to our elected officials; and by joining Church and community organizations that seek justice and the common good in society.
On these pages, you will find resources to help you form your conscience in light of Catholic teaching and become better informed about issues of importance to the Catholic community.


“We know that God is One and God is Love. And we know that every human life begins as a thought of love in the mind of God.

So every life is precious and every life is sacred — the child in her mother’s womb; the person who is disabled; the one who is old or sick; the homeless, the criminal, the immigrant and refugee.

Nothing can separate any of us from the love of God! Not health or wealth.
Not our “status” in society. We are all God’s children!”

                                                                      — Archbishop José H. Gomez

District c
andidates​ & Representatives: Nov 6th elections.

Candidate Officials are listed below by district number and name.  Click on the name for more information on your district.  Don't know representative? Use our online address search page to find your candidate officials.

Legislative District Map for California State
Senate Districts in the Archdiocese of
Los Angeles.
Senate Districts Map

 State Senators

Legislative District Map for California State
Assembly Districts in the Archdiocese of
Los Angeles
Assembly District Map

 State Assembly Members


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