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 Lay Pension Information

Customer Service
Please contact Pension Services with any pension plan related questions at 1-866-907-5472.
Plan Summary
For a summary of the current plan provisions, you can view the plan booklet in the electronic library.  You can access the online library by clicking on the link titled “Reference Library” on the left side menu bar.
The plan booklet explains how the plan works, including who is eligible, how your benefits are determined and when benefits are payable.  You can view and/or print the booklet to use as a reference for any general questions you have about the plan.
December 31, 2009 Benefit Statement and Data Verification Form
If you are an active employee and met the plan eligibility requirements as of December 31, 2009, your personal December 31, 2009 benefit statement is available for viewing by clicking on the link titled “Pension Statements” on the left side menu bar.  As additional benefit statements are prepared in the future, you will be able to access your statement history from this Pension Statements link, too.
Because your status under the plan is based on data which must be gathered manually from each work location, there is always a delay in producing the statement. We appreciate your patience in this process.  This delay, however, does not affect your final pension account balance.  This will be calculated at your retirement date using data verified in writing by you.
Along with the benefit statement, you can access your personal Data Verification Form to review the data Pension Services has on file for you.  If there are errors or omissions, please follow the instructions on the form and submit corrections to Pension Services with the appropriate authorizations requested on the form.
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