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 Cardinal McIntyre Fund for Charity

We walked together in harmony in the house of God (Psalm 55: 14).
Here’s Hope since 1951 for those in crisis situations throughout the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
Your contribution goes directly toward emergency needs for children, adults, and families in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles Counties.
You are their hope! Your gift provides a one-time emergency help for Food, Utilities, Transportation, Medical, Housing or Funeral Expenses.
Your contributions to the Cardinal McIntyre Fund for Charity make you a sharer in our parishes' works of mercy, and in their rewards of grace.
You are helping to serve “the neediest of those in need” — children, families and individuals throughout the Archdiocese of Los Angeles for whom no other resources exist.

The Purpose of the Cardinal McIntyre Fund

100% of your tax deductible contribution goes directly toward helping the poorest of the poor.
The goal of the Cardinal McIntyre Fund for Charity is service to the “neediest of the needy,” those for whom no other resources exist.
Service to individuals and families in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is the Cardinal McIntyre Fund’s highest priority.
Provision of food, shelter, one-time assistance to families in crises: such as assistance with medical, funeral expenses, are appropriate as funds allow and as recommended by those who are familiar with the area/persons.
In other words, the “Fund” provides emergency help to persons who have nowhere else to go.
The Fund is not a replacement or supplement for welfare or other forms of public assistance. It does not support persons’ living needs on a continuing basis. Rather the Fund acts to solve immediate, pressing problems. Food and milk for three days. Lodging for the night. Emergency medical care. Rent to tide over a financial crisis. A utility bill to keep the water or heat turned on for the week.

How Funds are Dispersed

Fund relief is handled through the parish. Persons in need seek help from their priest. He gives immediate assistance from parish funds, then applies to the Cardinal McIntyre fund for Charity for reimbursement.
Some parishes never seek reimbursement because they find that they can handle this charity entirely through their own parish and organizational resources. But, many parishes in the Archdiocese must return to the Fund more than once as the needs of their people far outreach their resources.

History of the Cardinal McIntyre Fund for Charity

In 1948, shortly after he was appointed Archbishop of Los Angeles, Cardinal James Francis McIntyre recognized that certain institutions and agencies were facing hardships because of inadequate financing.
These organizations were ineligible for funding through public sources such as the Community Chests (predecessor to the United Way) and included: family welfare; institutions for the aged; health and youth services; adoption agencies, care for the blind, hard of hearing, mentally retarded and handicapped.
Needed also were funds for maternity care, emergency relief and expanded social services in distressed neighborhoods.
Cardinal McIntyre established the Archbishop’s Fund for Charity in 1951 as a charitable corporation under the laws of California for the collection of monies to be used in-support of otherwise unprovided for, charitable works. The Fund itself operates no charitable programs.
The Cardinal McIntrye Fund for Charity isn’t a substitute for welfare or other forms of public aid. No help is given on a long term basis. The fund provides parish priests with the means to help persons immediately.

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