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 Join the Marriage Preparation Team

We  invite couples married in the Catholic Church to become part of our Marriage Preparation Ministry Team.

Call or email Candy Metoyer today to join the team!
(213) 637-7250


  • Learn tools and techniques to strengthen your marriage
  • Deepen your spirituality & faith
  • Join in fellowship with other couples
  • Feel satisfied in helping the church
  • Increase in self-awareness
  • Share in the joy of new love
  • Access to marriage enrichment opportunities


  • Attend a One-Day Marriage Preparation Program Training Course
  • Write presentations with the assistance of Program outline and Coordinator
  • Present a minimum of three Marriage Preparation Programs annually
  • Present the Program in your choice of participating Parishes



Like many other engaged couples, we had some doubts about the actual benefits of attending a marriage preparation course. Clearly, we were mistaken. The Marriage Preparation course not only raised several important topics of what a sacramental marriage looks like, but it also challenged my wife and I to openly discuss several topics that were sensitive and unresolved. Now as a married couple, we serve on the Marriage Prep Team. Preparing discussion topics, sharing our experiences, and learning from the engaged couples has been a tremendous benefit to our marriage. Serving the Lord on the Marriage Prep Team has not only strengthened our loving relationship, but it also reminds us of God's unconditional love and presence.
                                                 – Josh & Melissa Diosomito

When we got married, there was no marriage prep.  Just sign some papers, swear you had never been married before and you were good to go.  Shortly after our 25th wedding anniversary, we were invited to attend a marriage prep to see if we might like to become part of the ministry.  It looked like something that would allow us to give back.  Who knew that we would get so much in return?  We have learned more about each other and our relationship in these past 20 years than we did in the first 25.
– Ted & Terri Furlow

Both of us come from divorced families, so being Marriage Prep presenters gives us the opportunity to share our story and give a message of hope and encouragement to those who may have been affected by divorce.  We feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment if we help at least one married couple to turn away from divorce.
                                                 – Patrick & Katrina Calvario

Interested?  Learn more by Contacting:

Call or email Candy Metoyer today to join the team!
(213) 637-7250   phone​

Prefer to present in Spanish? Contact Graciela Villalobos or click here for more info.


Interested to Learn More?
Contact: Candy Metoyer
(213) 637-7250

What engaged couples had to say about attending their Marriage Prep Day...
“I learned that each person in a marriage has to give 110% to have a successful marriage.  That God should be an important part of our marriage.”

“I have come to understand the other person based on our families of origin, and how to effectively communicate.  It has also brought up topics we need to continue to discuss throughout our engagement.”

“This Day taught us how to live our vows.  The vows are the most important topic at the wedding. always love and inspire my future spouse.”

“I learned how important communication is and that it is something we need to work on.  And to set aside time for just us.”

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