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 Respect Life Week 2013

 September 30 - October 4, 2013

Respect Life Week (RLW) is a joint project of the Department of Catholic Schools and the Office of Life, Justice and Peace to immerse Catholic middle and high school students in the understanding of the dignity of every human person and our call to proclaim the Gospel of Life in our community.

RLW 2013 looks at the most critical human rights issues of our time through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching and the infinite love of Christ for each and every person.  Middle and high school students are challenged to wrestle with these issues in every academic area and through hands-on service.  We need the innovation and creativity of our future leaders as together we build a culture of life, justice and peace in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles!

RLW is a cross-curricular program.  Teachers, campus ministers, and administrators are encouraged to work together to make the week meaningful and impactful for our students.  All the resources you will need can be found below for each day of RLW.

Flyer (color)  |  Flyer (black & white)  |  Parent Letter Template  |  Liturgy/Prayer Resources

Day 1, Monday, September 30 

The Incomparable Worth of the Human Person
Created in the Image of God
Whole School Involvement; classroom suggestions for Social Studies, English, Science, and Religion

Lesson Plan | Student Handout | Middle School Presentation | High School Presentation | Teacher Resources

Additional student/classroom resource

“There Goes My Life” by Kenny Chesney
Music video by Kenny Chesney performing There Goes My Life
The Story of Human Rights
Video discussing the history and scope of “Human Rights”  --  10 minutes  --  Good for all ages  --  Best for Social Studies classes
Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth -- visualized
TED video showing human development from scientific standpoint  -- 10 minutes  --  Good for HS students  --  Best for Science classes
The Dignity of Human Life
Video sharing the vision of of respect for life  --  4 minutes  --  Good for all ages  --  Best for Religion classes
CST Life and Dignity of the Human Person
Meditative, musical video on the dignity of all human life based on Catholic Social Teaching  --  4.5 minutes  --  Good for all ages
Life is Valuable: Let's Protect It With Respect and Dignity!
Meditative, musical video on the dignity of all human life  --  2.5 minutes  --  Good for all ages  --  Good for prayer/reflection time

Day 2, Tuesday, October 1

Threats to Human Life
Abortion and the Pro-Life Generation
Social Studies grades 6-9, 11-12; Religion grade 10

Lesson Plan | Student Handout | Presentation | Teacher Resources   

Additional student/classroom resources

“Can I Live?” by Nick Cannon
Music video by Nick Cannon capturing the true tragedy of abortion
Can I Live Lyrics
Lyrics to Nick Cannon's song "Can I live?"
I'm That Girl Who Chose Life
Great story from Raquel, a college student who chose LIFE  --  She offers a simple list of things people can do to affirm women choosing LIFE  --  Great for students of all ages
A Saying Goodbye Film
Video poem about losing a baby in pregnancy or infancy—positive way to say good bye to a young life taken too soon  --  5 minutes  --  Good for all ages
Conception to birth visualized like you have never seen before
Video of conception to birth with very clear, beautiful images of unborn life  --  4 minutes  --  Good for all ages
'Baby Growing in Mommy's Womb'
Video showing baby's development prior to birth with a pro-life theme  --  4 minutes  --  Good for all ages
March for Life 2013
Generation Life at the March for Life 2013 -- Positive portrayal of why young pro-lifers want to change culture  --  4 minutes  --  Good for all ages
Pro-life - The Tide is Turning
Video of Students for Life discussing being pro-life in college  --  6 minutes  --  Great for older HS students

Day 3, Wednesday, October 2

Solutions to Crime and Conflict
Capital Punishment, Incarceration, and Restorative Justice
English/Language Arts

Lesson Plan | Student Handout | Presentation | Teacher Resources 

Additional student/classroom resources

Letter from Pope Francis
Letter from Pope Francis to Incarcerated Teens
​Inside Juvenile Prison: What It's Like
Video testimony of youth in detention facility  --  6 minutes  --  Good for all ages
The Violence of Capital Punishment
Video discussion of Sister Helen Prejean talking about the death penalty from Catholic perspective  --  3 minutes  --  Good for all ages

3 Things the Death Penalty Does NOT Do​ infographic helps students see visually that capital punishment does not accomplish what it purports to do.

Compassion and Kinship
TED video of Fr. Greg Boyle, founder of Homeboys Industries, discussing his programs and the creation of a culture of kinship; funny and edgy, powerful  --  20 minutes  --  Best for older HS students  --  A bit of objectionable language
Turning Point
A video of the Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ and Homeboy Industries. Great stories of formerly incarcerated or former gang members.  --  24 minutes  --  Good for all ages
"Victim's Families Speak Out Against the Death Penalty"
Website with testimonies from families of victims stating why they are against capital punishment.  Some graphic descriptions.  Best for HS students.
"The Power of Forgiveness--Restorative Justice"
Video story of a woman whose father was killed who forgives and befriends the murderer.  Story of restorative justice.  4.5 minutes.  Good for all ages.
CA Bishops Issue Statement on Prison Hunger Strike and Isolation Policies
Bishops offer to serve on any oversight committee convened to investigate alleged human rights violations and propose corrective measures..

Day 4, Thursday, October 3

How Does This Affect Me?
An Exploration of Poverty

Lesson Plan | Student Handout | Presentation | Teacher Resources 

Additional student/classroom resources

Tour Poverty USA
Video: “Tour Poverty USA”, a film from Catholic Campaign for Human Development  --  Approx. 4 minutes  --  Best for older HS
Helping Hands
Video: “Stop Hunger Now”, a program of Catholic Relief Services  --  Approx. 3 minutes  --  Good for all students
The Southland's hidden Third World slums
Articles: LA’s hidden slums from LA Times, 2007  --  Good for all age groups
I Am Whole Life
Video: Service Project to help the Homeless that students can join in here in LA  --  Approx. 2 minutes  --  Great for all students

I Like Veteran
Video of a man who unwittingly became the caretaker for a homeless Vet  --  6 minutes  --  Good for all ages

Hope in a Time of Poverty
A Reflection from the USCCB Department of Justice, Peace & Human Development

Day 5, Friday, October 4

Living for LIFE
Loving those Most in Need, the Sick, the Elderly, and those with Special Needs

Lesson Plan | Student Handout | Presentation | Teacher Resources 

Additional student/classroom resources

NEW! -- A Father's Confession Letter
Video: An elite runner, a "Top-Gun" pilot, and FBI agent, and a dad who almost aborted his daughter with Down Syndrome writes a confession letter to his daughter, Paisley.  -- 14 minutes -- Great for all students
A Life Like Yours: Maddie's Story

Video story of young girl with Down Syndrome
  --  Approx. 5 minutes  --  Good for all ages
Dying Man Opposes Assisted Suicide

Video from Fox News—interview with a man dying from ALS discussing why his life is still worth living
  --  Approx. 3.5 minutes  --  Suitable for all age groups
When Is Assisted Suicide Okay?

Video from D News about physician assisted suicide—from a pro-euthanasia perspective, but thought provoking for older students
  --  Approx. 4 minutes  --  Best for older HS students
Catholic Vote

Catholic Vote project CV 365 challenges Catholics to make a difference every day by pledging to do small things that, together, will make a big impact

American Wheelchair Mission presents: A Blessing for the Philippines

Video of Global Wheelchair Mission in the Philippines  --  Approx. 7.5 minutes  --  Good for all age groups  --  Supports Service-Learning program
Noah's Dad

A blog from the father of Noah, a boy with Down Syndrome.  Beautiful and funny!
6 Months
A short video telling the story of a family whose father had terminal cancer.  Positive and compelling.  --  2 minutes  --  Good for all ages
Fighting the Culture of Death One Katie at a Time
Article: As Belgium and other countries embrace euthanasia for children, Catholics must stand up for the most vulnerable among us.



Respect Life Week curriculum and resources inspired and created by educators from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  A special thank you for their amazing efforts in building a culture of life, justice and peace!

Dr. Merrit Hemenway, Principal, Damien High School
Sister Margaret Ann, OCD, Principal, St. Philomena School
Noreen Maricich, Principal, Mary Star of the Sea Elementary
Rocky Domingo, Principal, Blessed Sacrament School
April Beuder, Principal, Our Lady of Guadalupe School
Krissy Kavanaugh, Religion Chair, Mary Star High School
Andrea Burman, Chaminade High School
Carmen Vadillo, Department of Catholic Schools

Should you have any comments, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Life, Justice and Peace:

Kathleen Buckley Domingo
LIFE Coordinator - Office of Life, Justice and Peace - Archdiocese of Los Angeles
3424 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90010  |  office:  213-637-7236  |  cell:  626-340-7408  |


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