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 Best Practice

St. Benedict Parish - a missional parish ​

St. Benedict Parish in Halifax, Nova Scotia is the home parish of Fr. James Mallon, who wrote Divine Renovation (Novalis Publishing 2014). The parish exemplifies the efforts to transform the community towards a missionary parish. The website shows this endevour, features invitations to the alpha course, the communication card and other initiatives explained in Divine Renovation.

Young Adult Initiatives presentation​ 

Kyle Matthew Oliver's presentation about challenges and opportunities in young adult ministry links to several young adult initiatives: Commonplace 2014, Laundry Love, The Slate Project and StoryKeep. The presentation explains why we do not reach young adults any more and gives examples on how to engage them anew. 

Parish Catalyst

Parish Catalyst is a non-profit organization that specializes in providing support to Parishes and Priests to create vibrant catholic parishes. The process of Parish Catalyst is to identify creative and innovative parish leadership across the country, invite them to join a Parish Catalyst Learning Community and to ignite the imagination and plans of pastoral teams in a process of collaborative learning. 

Amazing Parish gives busy pastors and their teams the tools they need to transform their parishes—moving from maintenance mode to mission communities that are truly alive. The Amazing Parish is a parish consulting agency and also hosts conferences for parish leadership.

Team RCIA provices resources as well as online and in person training to make inspiring RCIA programs. Their mission is to help you to be the minister your parish needs and that God has called you to be. Nick Wagner is a frequent speaker at RE Congress.

An independent creative agency developing creative tools and tactics to communicate the message for parishes and ministries. Check there website for previous projects and best practice approaches.

LifelongFaith Associates are adult faith expertscommitted to helping congregations develop lifelong faith formation for all ages and generations, increasing the capacity of leaders and communities to nurture faith growth. The initiatives include publications, symposiums, projects and resources websites - LifelongFaith Associates' website featuring publications, events and the journal - Resource website to redesign various adult formation activities - Resource website on research and best practice models

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