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 Synod Initiative I:

Evangelization and "The New Evangelization"

Proclaiming the presence and power of God in the world. Every baptized Catholic is called to participate in the mission of Christ and the Spirit, the mission of the Church, proclaiming in word and deed the message at the heart of Jesus’ life and ministry: the Reign of God among us here and now, at this time and in this place. The whole life of the Church in all its dimensions is to serve this MISSION: announcing in what we say and do the Good News, the year of God’s favor, the transformation of the world, and the coming of the Reign of God, the reign of truth, holiness, justice, love, and peace.

Central to this mission is EVANGELIZATION. There are three levels of evangelization. First, evangelization entails allowing one’s own heart to be seized and saturated by the Gospel, responding to the call to lifelong conversion to Christ by the gift of the Spirit. Second, evangelization requires reaching out to others to proclaim in word and deed the Reign of God. Third, evangelization demands that the values of the Reign of God—a reign of truth, holiness, justice, love, and peace—permeate each and every culture, transforming every sphere of life.

Because we are called to holiness of life through the grace of our Baptism, we have a responsibility to proclaim to others the experience of Christ in our lives—to our families, in our places of work, in our neighborhoods, as well as in the public square. Every Catholic should be able to convey a personal knowledge of God’s love and salvation in the language of the Scriptures, by way of the experience of the Sacraments and through an appreciation of the tradition of the Church. Further, today there must be a “new evangelization” focused on evangelizing or re-evangelizing under-catechized, inactive, and alienated Catholics, as well as on reanimating those who have already discovered the presence of Christ in their lives. The “new evangelization” also means that those of us who already have faith in Jesus Christ allow Christ to touch the unconverted corners of our lives.

Pastoral Priority

A specific plan for the “new evangelization” of all Catholics (laity, clergy, and religious) is to be established on the level of the Archdiocese and implemented in each parish.

Pastoral Strategies

On all levels (parish, deanery, pastoral region, and Archdiocese), resources are to be prioritized and allocated to promote evangelization.

A collaborative effort is to be initiated among the pastoral offices of the Archdiocese, pastoral regions, and the parishes in designing new, simple, and effective models for the “new evangelization.”

On all levels, media and electronic technology—in particular, radio, television, and the Internet—are to be utilized in evangelization. 

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