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 Synod Initiative VI:

Social Justice: Living at the Service of God's Reign

Becoming a People of Communion and Justice for the life of the world. Building a world of communion and justice is a foreshadowing of, and participation in, the Reign of God. “Communion” describes our relationship with God, others, ourselves, and all creation; a relationship rooted in the equality, mutuality, and interdependence at the heart of the divine life. Authentic communion calls for a willingness to share the resources of this Archdiocese across parish, deanery, and regional boundaries. “Justice” is the activity of creating a world in which all may grow— with particular attention given to the poor, the weak, and the wounded. The Gospel reminds us that we come to a deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ through our experience of the poor and all those who are in need (Matthew 25:31–46).

Those who are evangelized, who truly know the presence of Christ in their lives, reach out to the poor, to those who are last, littlest, and least in Church and society, seeking and promoting justice. In striving for justice in society and in the Church we continue a long tradition of ministering to the disadvantaged and striving to transform unjust structures. We live out our baptismal call to service for the greater glory of God by giving witness to the grace of communion not only in the parish assembly but also in our neighborhoods, schools, town halls, and the wider political and economic order.

Pastoral Priorities

On all levels, active collaboration with civil and religious institutions to improve the quality of life in the local community is to be fostered.

A more equitable distribution of resources (finances and personnel) to assist poorer parishes and schools is to be implemented throughout the Archdiocese. [Second Level Priority]

Pastoral Strategies

Parishes are to provide a social justice ministry to raise the consciousness of parishioners by educating and informing them on various issues of social justice.

On the Archdiocesan level, salary structures are to be established that provide for a just living wage and benefits, including health, retirement, and unemployment for both part-time and full-time Church personnel.

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