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The Metropolitan Marriage Tribunal handles marriage nullity cases and dissolutions cases involved in the process used to investigate the validity of a previous marriage.

It also handles permissions and dispensations involved in marriage preparations (formerly under the Office of Canonical Services).

The forms listed below are for use by specially trained clergy, religious and lay persons who offer assistance to parties who are seeking clarification regarding their marital status in the Church or who need special permissions or dispensations in preparation for their marriage.

If you have questions regarding marriage nullity cases and dissolutions cases, please contact the office of Metropolitan Marriage Tribunal at the Archdiocesan Catholic Center at 213-637-7245.  For information regarding Lack of Canonical Form, Permissions, Dispensations, etc. involved in marriage preparations please contact us at 213-637-7888.

The forms are provided in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print.

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Forms in English and Spanish

 Nullity and Dissolution Cases:
FAVOR OF THE FAITH.pdfFavor of the Faith.pdf  (English)  
FAVOR DE LA FE.pdfFavor de la Fe.pdf  (Español) 

PAULINE PRIVILEGE .pdfPauline Privilege .pdf (English)  
Lack of Canonical Form, Dispensations, Permissions, etc. for Marriage Preparation:


 Lack of Form Petition (12 10 2019) (2).pdfLack of Form Petition.pdf  (English) 

      Lack of Form Sample Letter to the other Party.docxLack of Form Sample Letter to the other Party.docx (English)  

 Falta de Forma Canónica (Español) - 12 10 2019.pdfFalta de Forma Canónica.pdf  (Español) 

      Lack of Form Sample Letter to the other Party (Spanish).docxExemplo de carta para el ex cóyuge.docx (Español)  


 Canonical Form Dispens (English) Form.pdfDispensation from Canonical Form.pdf  (English)   

 Dispensa de Forma Canónica (Español).pdfDispensa de Forma Canónica.pdf    ​(Español)


Radical Sanation English (Form and Instruction).pdfRadical Sanation .pdf (English)  

Radical Sanation (Form and Instructions)-Span.pdfSanación en la Raiz.pdf (Español)


Consanguinity Dispens (English)Form.pdfDispensation from Consanguinity .pdf (English)   

Consanguinity Dispens (Spanish)Form.pdfDispensa de Consanguinidad .pdf (Español)


Disparity of Worship Dispens-English.pdfDispensation from Disparity of Worship.pdf (English)   

Disparity of Worship Dispens-Spanish.pdfDispensa de Disparidad de Culto.pdf (Español)


Permission for Mixed Marriage (English).pdfPermission for Mixed Marriage.pdf  (English)   

Permiso de Matrimonio Mixto (Español).pdfPermiso de Matrimonio Mixto.pdf   (Español)


Testimonial Letters or Nihil Obstat (English).pdfTestimonial Letters or Nihil Obstat.pdf  (English)   

Cartas Testimoniales o Nihil Obstat (Español).pdfCartas Testimoniales o Nihil Obstat.pdf    (Español)


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