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 General Requirments

  • Be a male, fully initiated into the Roman Catholic Church (baptism, confirmation, Eucharist).for a minimum of three years.


  • Be at least 30 years of age and not older than 60 at time of application.
  • Be actively involved in the Church, and faithful in the practice of the Faith.
  • Be registered and well known in a parish, and recommended by his pastor and fellow parishioners.
  • Have demonstrated at least six months of hands-on service to those in need within his own parish, or in the larger community.  Types of service would include helping the poor and homeless, ministry to those in jails and prisons, visiting those in hospitals or confined to their homes due to illness and caring for the bereaved.
  • Enjoy a sound ethical and moral reputation in both the Church and civic community.
  • Be free from all canonical irregularities and impediments for the reception of Holy Orders.
  • Possess natural gifts for ministry, demonstrate maturity and balance, and enjoy good physical and mental health with no condition that would impede diaconal ministry.
  • Be prayerful and committed to further spiritual formation.
  • Have sufficient academic background to successfully understand, internalize, and complete all course material.
  • If married, he must be married for at least three years and be in a stable and sacramental marriage, enjoying the full support of his spouse who is willing to participate actively in the formation program. Should his wife precede him in death, he must be willing to remain unmarried and celibate.
  • If widowed, have at least two years to heal and recover from the loss of his spouse.
  • If single, he must be single and celibate for at least three years before he can apply to demonstrate that he enjoys a stable, settled life, has a history of healthy relationships, and is able and willing to accept the gift of celibacy, understanding the full implications of this charism.
  • If a convert, it must be at least three years from the time that he was received into the Church as a neophyte before he can apply.
  • If there is a history of substance abuse, have achieved sobriety for at least five years and continue to participate in a recovery program.
  • If a history of grave addiction exists, e.g. gambling, sexual. etc.) have demonstrated a freedom from addictive behavior for at least five years and continue to participate in a recovery program.
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