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 Things to Consider in Discerning the Filing of an Application


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Do you have the support of you pastor and parish community? Applications are processed only after the receipt of the Pastor’s Response Questionnaire, and if the pastor recommends the applicant for admission into the Diaconate Formation Program.
Are you between the ages of 30 and 60?
Are you in good physical and mental health?
Are you willing to undergo a background check?
Do you minister to those in need within the parish or the larger community? Types of service would include helping the poor and homeless, those in jails and prisons, those in hospitals or confined to their home due to illness, caring for the bereaved, and other hands-on areas of ministry that help those in need. Six months of such ministry is usually required before beginning the application process.
Are you open to grow in knowledge of the Church’s teachings and in the pastoral applications of these teachings?
Has your call been validated by others? Are you seen as a leader in the parish?
Are you open to serving the Church in a variety of ways? All aspects of the diaconate, (Word, Liturgy, and Charity/Justice,) are important, especially the ministry of Charity/Justice.
Do you have a sufficient academic foundation to complete the reading assignments and clearly express your understanding of the material during class discussions, in presentations to the class, and in written reports?
If you are married, does your wife support your discernment of God’s call be a deacon? Is she willing to go through the application process and fully participate in the aspirancy year of the Diaconate Formation Process?
If you are a couple who have young children, do you have an extended family that is willing to care for these children as you go through the Diaconate Formation Program?
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