"Unplanned is a very impactful movie. It honestly portrays the reality of abortion and is graphic in some moments. At the same time, it is a beautiful film that depicts the transformative power of mercy and human kindness.

Unplanned can be a powerful tool to evangelize the truth about the beauty and dignity of every human life and our call to prayerful witness on behalf of all people, born and unborn. 

At the same time, we must recognize that approximately 1 in 4 women nationwide have personal experience with abortion. We know that there are women and girls in every one of our parishes, and in our schools and youth ministry programs, who have been hurt by abortion. The portrayal of abortion in Unplanned may trigger strong reactions in those who have experienced abortion, as well as in women who have experienced miscarriage." 

-Kathleen Buckley Domingo, 

Senior Director Office of Life, Justice, and Peace

 Resources for Post- Abortion and Pregnancy Loss Healing

Healing after Abortion:
(877) 301-9684

Trained Merciful Companions offer healing conversations and referrals for mental health, support group and/or retreat resources for women and men in need of healing from abortion. 

Project Rachel
(888) 456- HOPE (4673)

Resource site dedicated to connecting Men and Women in need of healing with the proper support in their local area. 

3 Ways to Help a Friend Who has Experienced Abortion
  1. ​Listen. Women are often told that abortion is their best solution, so they can feel isolated when they feel sorrow and regret. You may be the first person to hear the story of abortion. Listen without judgment. Be a friend. Allow the story to be told completely.
  2. Strengthen. Help your friend know that she or he can find healing from the pain following abortion. Encourage your friend to draw upon faith, family and friends that give strength. Offer life-affirming resources for healing, such as ByYourSideLA.org.
  3. Accompany.  Recognize that the process of healing will take time and will be different for everyone. Pray with your friend. Offer to listen. Support the journey to forgiveness. Encourage the healing of relationships to overcome the isolation abortion often brings.

For other suggestions on helping a friend, read this article on how to talk to a friend who's had an abortion. ​​

The New York Diocese, Respect Life Office​ has the following guidelines for supporting a Post-Abortion Man or Woman:   
What to Say:

     Ask how she is          Show care and concern         Listen            Say you are sorry she felt she had to do this          Allow her to talk
      Allow her to express anger regret and remorse           Watch her for isolation          Allow her to grieve                Keep her confidentiality

Most Importantly: 
 Be there for her
What NOT to Say

       “Forget about it; it is in the past, move on”    “You did what was best at the time” (she knows this is not true)        “Abortion is wrong” (she knows this too)

       “You can have other children” (this does not make up for baby she aborted)        “It was not a baby yet             Don’t tell he how she should feel

        Don’t try to find a positive            “It was your decision”                 “You should be over this by now”                  Don’t say you understand if you don’t

        Don’t tell her she was not ready to have a child            “It is for the best”       You will get over this”          “At least you only had one” (how do you know?)​

Download By Your Side materials:                                                                                          Download our resource sheet: ​
By Your Side LA.pdf                                                                                                                Unplanned Resources.pdf
By Your Side Drop Card English.pdf                                                                                       rlm_handout_day2_b.pdf​​


Resources for Parishes, Schools and Youth Ministries

regarding abortion and the movie Unplanned​


PREGNANT AND NEED HELP:                                                        WANT TO HELP CREATE A PRO-LIFE WORLD:

Pregnancy Help:                                                                                                  Get Involved in Building a Culture of Life:
(877) 398-7734                                                                                                      (213) 637-7632
OptionsForPregnancy.com                                                                                    Archdiocese Office of Life, Justice & Peace
Referrals to pregnancy clinics for medical care and life-affirming 
counseling. Resources for housing, medical insurance,                                       Opportunities for service, advocacy, education and prayer ​
maternity & baby items, childcare, adoption resources, and more.​

Resources for Parents and Teachers

Before seeing this movie with your child, read Abby Johnson's Letter to Parents about the R-rating​. In this letter Abby explains what the determining factors were in the rating process, and why this movie is important for youth to see despite the R-rating. 

After seeing the movie Unplanned​, your child or student may have questions and struggle with the concept of abortion. Below are resources to help you in discussing abortion, and its reality with your student or child. 

Informational resources:

On this page you will find teaching and student resources to help better explain abortion to your child or student. This curriculum focuses on the pro-life goal of a world in which abortion does not exist, and why it is important to work towards that goal. 


“Unplanned is a heartbreaking, soul-stirring dose of truth for a culture who denies its very existence. Seeing Abby’s life and story played out on screen was a powerful and inspiring witness to the reality of God’s grace and the beauty and dignity of all human life. This film not only reaffirms and strengthens the pro-life base - it challenges the pro-abortion mindset at its very core. I have every intention of sharing this film with my own children in the days and years to come. I’m grateful to Abby and the filmmakers for sharing such a beautiful and important story of hope and redemption - her courage and their willingness to bring these realities to life for the next generation deserve great respect and commendation. Make it a point to see, support and share Unplanned far and wide - it is a beacon of hope for countless babies who deserve the right to live and mothers who deserve better than the world has offered them.”  

Mark Hart, Executive Vice President, Life Teen International​