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 Respect Life Week 2014

 Grades K-3

​Two lesson plans are offered each day for this age group.  Either or both can be used depending on what grade levels are participating and what lesson best fits the students.


Monday, October 6

Theme:  God's Grace is Enough
Topic:  Forgiveness and Mercy
Discipline:  Whole School
Overview:  Discussion at all grade levels about the role of forgiveness in our lives, about past choices and consequences, and about the benefits of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Additional Student/Classroom Resources

Jesus Loves Me​ song with children's music video.  3 minutes.

How Great is Our God​ song with children's music video.  2.5 minutes.

Story of the Prodigal Son​  Animated video of the great Bible story of forgiveness.  26 minutes.
Coloring page​ for Prodigal Son story.   Help the Prodigal Son find his way home activity sheet.jpgmaze.  Prodigal Son story sequencing exercise.   Muddy pigcraft for Prodigal Son story.


Tuesday, October 7

Theme:  A Person's A Person No Matter How Small
Topic:  Learning About the Tiniest People
Discipline:  Religion
Overview: Students will explore fetal development in an age-appropriate manner and will learn about the dignity of all human life, particularly unborn life.  They will have activities that reinforce the continuum of human life and emphasize the necessity to protect all life, especially the most vulnerable.

Additional Student/Classroom Resources

This Little Light of Mine 1.5 minute music video

Jesus Loves Me​ 2 minute music video

Skiff and AJ’s Fantastic Voyage​:  LumenTV animated video of an unborn child.  Beautifully animated, funny and informative.  35 minutes.  Choose the second video on the page.

How big is your baby?​  Comparisons of unborn baby size to the size of common produce with detailed explanations of what is developing each month and beautiful illustrations of baby and mom.  Website geared for adults, but the information and some of the illustrations perfect for even small kids. 

Horton Hears a Who full 25 minute film, older version.   

Horton Hears a Who audiodrama reading of the book.  6 minutes.

Classroom resources​ to accompany reading of Horton Hears a Who, including coloring pages and fun classroom exercises.

Wednesday, October 8
Theme:  What a Good Friend Does
Topic:  Loving Your Neighbor
Discipline:  Social Studies
Overview:  Students will learn the difference between treating others with respect and using them as a means for an end.  Activities will reinforce the qualities of a good friend, and what each of our responsibility is toward others.  Topics will include being kind to everyone especially those who are in need of friends, and gossiping.
Additional Student/Classroom Resources

The More we Get Together​ song, 1.5 minutes.

Excellent resources for teaching friendship skills​, including discussion topics, brainstorming, and classroom activities.

Friendship Chart​ template for sharing things we like about our friends.

Pixar Tennis Birds commercial depicting how quickly gossip can get out of control.  Play on mute to avoid commercial content.  ​30 seconds.​

Frog and Toad--the Letter, 4 minute video of the classic children's book by Arnold Lobel
Frog and Toad--Cookies, 4 minute video of the classic children's book by Arnold Lobel
Frog and Toad--the Garden​, 5 minute video of the classic children's book by Arnold Lobel

Frog and Toad Activity Kit.pdfFrog and Toad Activity Kit.pdf resources for studying stories throughout the curriculum.

Frog and Toad Character Charts​ and other activities for use with the stories.

Thursday, October 9
Theme:  He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
Topic:  God’s Love is For Everyone
Discipline:  Science
Overview:  Students will learn that taking care of ourselves is part of the call to holiness.  God has created us body and soul to praise him through both.  Activities will reinforce the themes of promoting personal health, understanding emotions, and recognizing God's personal eternal plan for each person.

Additional Student/Classroom Resources

He's Got the Whole World In His Hands, 2 minute music video​

God is Good All the Time​ song and music video for children. 4 minutes.

“One in 7 Billion”​ video positively portraying every human life as special. 1.25 minute.

​Fun activities that promote health, good nutrition, and exercise​.  Activity pages to photocopy and games/activities with complete instructions.  Begin at page 11.

5 minutes to Turn a Bad Day into a Good Day  Slideshow with easy things kids can do to change their mood and feel better.  Encouraging healthy choices and healthy friendship.

Fuel up to Play 30 creative physical activity breaks for the classroom.  Encourages healthy movement and recreation.

Whole Kids Foundation​ nutrition activities and resources for home and classroom.

Friday, October 10

Theme:  We Thank God for Our Families
Topic:  Everyone Deserves a Home
Discipline:  Language Arts
Overview:  Students will learn about the loving choice of adoption and explore stories of people who have been adopted.  They will hear from children awaiting adoption.  Activities will reinforce a thankfulness for family and home and a desire to pray for and support those children who do not have either.

Additional Student/Classroom Resources

We Are Family​ song by beloved cartoon and children's show characters.  3.5 minutes.  Funny mashup of characters that can get students singing and dancing. 

Story of Moses  Great video version of the story showing Moses’ mother, Jochebed, choosing the Pharaoh’s daughter to be Moses’ adopted mother. End video at 4:55 for just the adoption story or watch the entire story of Moses' life for 26 minutes.

Coloring pages ​for Moses' adoption story.

Andrea and Henry Bomberger adopted ten children who needed families.  1 minute video gives short glimpse at their amazing story.  

A Lott More to the Story​ Adoption story of the Lott family who adopted five children.  2.5 minute video 

Elise​ is adopted into a loving family who got to know her before she was even born.  Watch her story.  3.5 minutes. (End video at 3:18 to avoid "commercial")

Wednesday's Child​ is a nonprofit started by Dave Thomas (Wendy's founder) partnering with Fox 11.  Each week they highlight a child in foster care in LA who is in need of a forever home.


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