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 Respect Life Week 2016

 Grades 4-6

Monday, October 17, 2016

Theme:  Agents of Mercy
Topic:  Bringing Love to a Hurting World
Discipline:  Religion/Whole School  

Overview:  Our world often is confused by what true mercy looks like. Pope Francis calls us to a culture of encounter, to recognize the dignity in the person in front of us. This encounter leads us to action on their behalf by serving others through works of mercy. In so doing, our hearts change and we learn to be merciful as the Heavenly Father is merciful.

Additional Student/Classroom Resources

Story of the Unmerciful Servant, Matthew 18: 21-34 text and light-hearted 6 minute video rendition of the story.

What is the Year of Mercy 1 minute overview done in Lego

Les Miserables offers a well-known example of mercy in this 3.5 minute scene with Jean Valjean and Bishop Myriel from the 2010 version of the movie 

51 Corporal Works of Mercy​ ideas from LifeTeen


Year of Mercy website offers overview of the jubilee year of mercy, works of mercy, prayers, suggestions for action, additional lessons and evangelization tools. From Dynamic Catholic.

Vatican's Jubilee Year of Mercy website with an overview of the worldwide celebrations of mercy.

US Bishops' Year of Mercy Resources including prayers, resources from Pope Francis and suggestions for action.

Archdiocese of Los Angeles Year of Mercy resources including confession finder and information about all Pilgrimage Churches in the Archdiocese.

Talking with Kids about Breaking News​ PBS website gives insights into talking with kids of every age about what they are seeing in the news, such as racism, terror, murders, and other terrible happenings.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Theme:  Friends Do The Right Thing
Topic:  Forming and Following Conscience
Discipline:  Social Studies/History

Overview:   Students will learn what a conscience is and how they can begin to form theirs. They will learn about the role of conscience in making choices. They will learn that they can be leaders in doing good to help their friends make good choices too.

Additional Student/Classroom Resources

The Story of Daniel 4.5 minute animated video of the Old Testament story of courage and doing right even in the face of great obstacles.

Veggie Soup 3 minute commercial that aired in Thailand before going viral worldwide tells the story of the effects of one man's good deeds on an entire community.

Integrity: Pass it On 30 second commercial

Football Players Walk in Store after Closed, Pay for Everything 2 minute video of college students caught being good, even when nobody was looking.


US Bishops' Conscience Formation​ overview, especially in light of political activity and faithful citizenship, but the principles apply to all areas of life.

The Art of Forming the Conscience of a Child by Fr John Hardon, SJ gives a beautiful overview of the lifelong process of developing a conscience, and the role teachers, parents, and others play in helping children properly form their consciences.

Pro-life Pregnancy Resources​ can be found easily throughout Southern California.  This website can connect women with 90 pro-life pregnancy centers and clinics through So Cal, make appointments for pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, find post-abortion healing resources, and recommendations for adoption.​

Resources for women and men hurting from a past abortion:

How to Talk to a Friend Who’s Had an Abortion webpage​
Hope after Abortion

Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Theme:  Forgiving Our Neighbor
Topic:  Crime and Punishment
Discipline:  Math

Overview:  Students will learn about making just rules, consequences to actions, and appropriate punishment. We live in a world of conflict. Our faith tells us that each person sins every day. Our experience affirms that bad actions add up and create situations in communities that adversely effect everyone. Solutions to crime and punishment must take into account the dignity of every person.

Additional Student/Classroom Resources

Martin Luther King Jr "Letter from Birmingham Jail" PDF

Gru from Despicable Me 2 makes impossible rules for the girls to follow. 1 minute video

Our Father.jpgOur Father.jpg printable

Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration 2.5 minute video about Nylo, a young boy whose mother is in jail. They write to each other every day so they can stay connected and Nylo's mom can still teach him and show her love.


California has the opportunity in 2016 to end the use of the Death Penalty in our state. On the CA ballot in November, vote YES on Prop 62 to end the use of the death penalty and replace it with life in prison without the possibility of parole. And, vote NO on Prop 66, a bill that would speed up the use of the death penalty. For more information, please see

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Theme:  We Don't Have Enough
Topic:  What Does it Mean to be Poor?
Discipline:  English Language Arts

Overview:  Students will be encouraged to explore the meaning of poverty here

in the United States as well as around the world. What does poverty look like? Why is help for the poor central to Jesus’ message?​ 

Additional Student/Classroom Resources

Jesus Feeds the 5000 in John 6: 1-15 text and 2 minute Lego version​ of the story 

Kids Discuss Hunger in the United States 3 minute video. Students try to purchase enough food for a week on $36 and realize that it is far more difficult to feed a family on a budget than they had thought.

Hunger and Need in the US​ 2.5 minute ABC News Special Report

Mary's Meals Stories:  Fatima’s Story | Shazia’s Story | Tony’s Story (3-4 mins each)    

Interactive Poverty Experience CCHD Poverty USA Activities

US Bishops' Poverty USA Program with Ideas for every grade to fight poverty and hunger in your community

I Am Whole Life Imago Dei Project​: drawstring bags for the homeless


Looking for services for your family? Looking to offer assistance to families in need?

os Angeles

Theme:  God Makes Everyone Perfect
Topic:  Celebrating Special Needs
Dicsipline:  Science

Overview:  Students will learn about the amazing potential for people with special needs and disabilities and the importance of respecting those who are different from us.

Additional Student/Classroom Resources

Paralympics 2016 video, "Yes I Can!" 3 minutes

99 Balloons 6 minute video shares the amazing story of Elliott, born with Trisomy 18, who lived a remarkable 99 days and changed so many live in the process.

Dear Future Mom of Kids with Downs Syndrome 2.5 minute video from kids who have Down syndrome telling future moms how great their lives really are.

We Are Beautiful 1.5 minute video about conjoined twins who know they are beautiful

Amazing High School Gymnast with just 1 leg competes in regular competitions 2 minute video

Gabe Adams, 5 minute video of a remarkable young man born without arms or legs, shares his strategy for a joyful life.

Paul Smith, 4.5 minute video of an elderly man who doesn't let his cerebral palsy stop him from creating extraordinary typewriter art.

Pharell Williams' "Happy" for World Down Syndrome Day 4 minutes


This year, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is participating in a fundraising opportunity for the Children’s Rehabilitation Institute of TeletonUSA. Located in San Antonio, TX, the Institute offers services to children and families from birth to 18 years of age with neurological and musculoskeletal disabilities, regardless of their ability to pay. Offering envelopes will be sent to schools for distribution to families suring Advent. 

You can help orphaned children with Down syndrome and other special needs while they await adoption by supporting Reece's Rainbow, a nonprofit organization matches special needs children with families for adoption.​​​​​​​​​​​​

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