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 Respect Life Week 2017

Grades 4-6

Monday, October 16th

Theme:  God's Grace is Enough
Topic:  Forgiveness and Mercy
Discipline:  Whole School

Overview:  Discussion at all grade levels about the role of forgiveness in our lives, about past choices and consequences, and about the benefits of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
Additional Student/Classroom Resources

Music Videos

“Your Grace is Enough” acoustic  Matt Maher  4.5 minutes.  Great for all ages.  Good for reflection time. 
“Your Grace is Enough” video with lyrics  4.25 minutes.  Good for sing-along or use at Mass.​


"Pursuit" Fr. Rob Galea shares how God is ever in pursuit of us and wants us to experience His mercy.  4 minutes.  
"Signs of Forgiveness" Inspirational video about choosing to forgive because God forgave first.​ 2 minutes.

Scripture and Church Teaching 

Coloring page for Prodigal Son story.  Story retold in comic book form -- 2 minutes.
Read Matthew 18: 21-34, then watch this hilarious video re-enactment of the story.  6 minutes 

Overview worksheet of the Sacrament of Reconciliation  Good reminder for kids prior to receiving the sacrament.  Contains an answer key for questions.

Prayer Opportunities

Catholic Relief Services "Litany of Mercy"​ April 2017 monthly prayer handout.  ​

Tuesday, October 17th

Theme:  A Person's A Person No Matter How Small
Topic:  Life is Precious from the first moment of Conception
Discipline:  Religion

Overview: Students will explore fetal development in an age-appropriate manner and will learn about the dignity of all human life, particularly unborn life.  They will have activities that reinforce the continuum of human life and emphasize the necessity to protect all life, especially the most vulnerable.

Additional Student/Classroom Resources

Music Videos
"Speak Life" TobyMac 4 minutes.  Song shares the power of a consistent ethic of life.  Great for all ages.
"Speak Life"​ lyric video. 3.5 minutes.  Good for sing-along or use at Mass.  


Miracle of Life videos.  Beautiful fetal development video shows baby growing from zygote through just before birth.  3.5 minutes with facts on fetal development
Coca-Cola commercial shows joys and surprises of having a baby.  Positive and heartwarming.  1.5 minutes
From Bump to Buzz​ A husband takes video of his wife every day of her pregnancy to show the changes.  Funny.  Put to great music.  3 minutes.
My Wife's Enchanted Pregnancy  Fun and funny 4 minute video about welcoming a baby into the family.
Dear Future Mom video of kids with Down Syndrome sharing their stories of their amazing lives to moms expecting babies with Down Syndrom.  Don't underestimate how great their lives are! 2.5 minutes.  
"Being Pro-Life" Sr. Alicia Torres shares how important it is to have a relationship with God when doing good works.  4 minutes.  


How big is your baby?​  Comparisons of unborn baby size to the size of common produce with detailed explanations of what is developing each month and beautiful illustrations of baby and mom.  Website geared for adults, but the information and some of the illustrations perfect for all kids.
valuing-life-tool-kit.pdfvaluing-life-tool-kit.pdf with great activities for students.

Prayer Opportunities

Spiritual Adoption Spiritually adopt a baby to pray for nine months.


Wednesday, October 18th

Theme:  What a Good Friend Does
Topic:  Loving Your Neighbor
Discipline:  Social Studies

Overview:  Students will learn the difference between treating others with respect and using them as a means for an end.  Activities will reinforce the qualities of a good friend, and what each of our responsibility is toward others.  Topics will include being gossiping, bullying, and internet safety.
4-6 Day Three Lesson Plan

Additional Student/Classroom Resources

Music Videos

Count on Me song by Bruno Mars, 3.5 minutes.
Gift of a Friend​ song by Demi Lovato, 3.5 minutes.


1 minute video on gossip from Christian standpoint.  Good introduction to discussion.
30 second Pixar Tennis Birds ​commercial depicting how quickly gossip can get out of control.  Play on mute to avoid commercial content.  Humorous take on the subject.
Worth Fighting For clip from Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers.  Sam's speech to Frodo.  3.75 minutes.

I Can Carry You​ clip from Lord of the Rings.  Sam's speech.  2 minutes.


Website with teaching materials for all grade levels on internet safety and keeping kids safe from traffickers.  Includes handouts, exercise suggestions and online resources.  From the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  

For Teachers and Parents

TEACHERS AND PARENTS:  Project iGuardian​ offers practical solutions for teens, parents, and educators for keeping kids safe from online sexual predators.  Online resources as well as information on booking school presentations and a local tipline.  Created by Department of Homeland Security.  

Service Opportunities

Thursday, October 19th

Theme:  He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
Topic:  There is Nothing that God Cannot Fix
Discipline:  Science

Overview:  Students will learn that taking care of ourselves is part of the call to holiness.  God has created us body and soul to praise him through both.  Activities will reinforce the themes of promoting personal health, understanding emotions, and recognizing God's personal eternal plan for each person.

Additional Student/Classroom Resources



  • One in 7 Billion​ video positively portraying every human life as special. 1.25 minute Great for all students. 
  • What are you Doing?​ Matthew Kelly shares a story of a time that he needed to seriously look at his life and decide what he was doing and why.  Were his choices making him a better person or worse?  Great discussion starter.  4.5 minutes.  
  • "Where Are You Going?"​  Chris Stefanick invites us to think about where we are going and where we will end up.  Great as the beginning of a discussion about why this life is not all there is.  3 minutes.

  • ​"Why Does God Let Us Suffer?"  This is the reason so many people lose faith and hope in God at their darkest moments.  Chris Stefanick shares insights that help put suffering into perspective of our faith and the example of Christ.  5 minutes.
  • Keys to Good Decisions​  Video on making good choices in the face of peer pressure.  3 minutes.
  • "Looking after Your Body" Fr. Rob Galea highlights the importance of taking care of our bodies, but also of maintaining perspective and making sure that we do not idolize doing so.  3 minutes.  
  • This is Personal​  How do we recognize the best choices v. those that lead us to destruction?  Good story will provide a conversation starter on discernment.  Click on "Session 2.4"  7 minutes.
  • "How Do I Build Virtue?" Ascension Presents explains how holiness and virtue go hand-in-hand, and holiness leads to happiness.  6 minutes.  
  • "The Problem of Suffering" Ascension Presents tackles the problem of suffering by recognizing that God is with us in the midst of our troubles.  6.5 minutes. ​

Friday, October 20th

Theme:  We Thank God for Our Families
Topic:  Everyone Deserves a Home
Dicsipline:  Language Arts

Overview:  Students will learn about the loving choice of adoption and explore stories of people who have been adopted.  They will hear from children awaiting adoption.  Activities will reinforce a thankfulness for family and home and a desire to pray for and support those children who do not have either.
4-6 Day Five Le​sson Plan

Additional Student/Classroom Resources

Music Videos

When Love Takes you In Steven Curtis Chapman music video.  5 minutes.




These Kids Are Waiting for Adoption photolist of some of the children in fostercare in LA, awaiting adoption. ​

Brave Love - gorgeous website highlighting the stories of brave love shown by birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees​.

Scripture and Church Teaching

Exodus 2:1-10 The adoption of Moses by Pharaoh's daughter.

Prayer Opportunities

"Intercessory Prayers: Adoption" Pre-written intercessory prayers from the USCCB for use at Mass in English and Spanish.  ​

​Service Opportunities

Helping children with disabilities or children who are poor or homeless will help students recognize that all children deserve a stable and loving home.  Note that these activities do not involve working with adoption or the foster care system directly, but are meant to help students understand the power of and need for adoption by coming to understand the rights of children and what the love of a family and friends can accomplish.    ​

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