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 Parish Catechist Training and Formation

I am a catechist in my parish and I would like to get some training and/or formation to help me in my ministry.

Perhaps you are one of many good people who got involved in parish religious education programs with a story something like this: will tell stories of how they first got involved that start something like… “I was just dropping my daughter off for class when this lady asked me if I could fill-in and teach because the regular teacher was sick and couldn’t be there… That was two years ago… But now I realize that I need to do something to develop my own faith so that I can be a better catechist.”
Other catechists often get involved in the ministry because it is something they fell they can contribute to the life of their parish community. They planned on getting certified, but their schedules are busy – like most people – and so they kept putting off doing anything about getting some formal training for the ministry.
The Office of Religious Education provides many different opportunities for training and formation.
Age- and ministry-appropriate (e.g. elementary, youth, confirmation, adult) skills for sharing the faith are taught in specialized workshops. Formation in Personal Faith and Theology is offered in Ministry Formation Centers which take place in local parishes and which are taught by commissioned and certified Master Catechists Workshops and Learning Opportunities for catechists are offered continuously throughout the year by the Office of Religious Education. The latest offerings and opportunities for learning more are listed on the "Upcoming Events" page hosted by the office and updated monthly. Here you will find the most current and up-to-date information.
We encourage you to take advantage of anything and everything that our office offers for your benefit. Ultimately, we encourage everyone who is involved in catechetical ministry to work toward California Catechist Certification.
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