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 Elementary Specialization


As part of the certification process, this in-depth program teaches skills specific to the elementary classroom. All elementary catechists are welcome whether pursuing certification or not. This two day Specialization is offered twice a year in August and February/March.  Fliers for upcoming Elementary Specializations can be found on the Upcoming Events page for the Office of Religious Education.

An overview of the weekend follows:

o   Module 1 The Catechist  = Unit 1

Learning Objectives:  At the end of this Unit the catechist will be able to value her vocation.

§  Call and Vocation

§  Catechists Spirituality

§  Catechetical Ministry

§  Continuing formation

o    Module 2 Getting to know the Child = 4 Units

Learning Objectives: The catechist will be able to adapt the catechetical message according to age, grade level and needs of her children

·         Developmental Theories, Unit 1

·         Learning Styles, Unit 2

·         Apply Learning Styles and Faith Development, Unit 3

·         Special Needs, Unit 4

o   Module 3 – The Community and Catholic Social Teaching = 1 Unit

Learning Objectives: The catechist will have the opportunity to look more closely the relationship the children and their families have within the community and the overall society, inviting them to respond to their baptismal call through actively promote justice and peace. 

·         Family Catechesis – different formats  

·         Digital Citizenship

·         Family Spirituality

·         Catholic Social Teaching

o   Module 4 – Pedagogy Part I Catechetical Planning = 1 Unit  

Learning Objectives: At the end of the unit the catechist will be prepared to plan a catechetical lesson using the catechetical method/Praxis: See, Judge and Act.

·         Catechetical Method: See, Judge and Act

·         Year Calendar – Scoop and sequence

·         Goals and Objectives of each lesson

o   Module 5 – Pedagogy Part II-  Participative Catechesis = 1 Unit

Learning Objective: At the end of this unit the catechist will be able to utilize the different resources to enrich and clarify the message that illustrate the catechetical message.

·         Didactic Resources

·         Technology

·         Text Books, Activities, Discipline

·         Spirituality of the child (prayer)​ 

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